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The Indian Meteorological Society (IMS) was established on 15th January 1957 during the 44th Session of the Indian Science Congress Association held at Calcutta. Dr. Saradindu Basu, then Director General of Observatories had the honour of being the first President of the Society. It was registered as a Society under the Societies Registration Act on 26th May, 1972 under the Presidentship of Dr. P. Koteswaram. The Registration No. of the Society is 5403 and its Registered office is at New Delhi.

History and Background:
Jointly sponsored by the Chairman of the Atmospheric Research Committee of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and the Director General of Observatories, a Meeting of persons interested in the development of meteorology in India was held at the National Institute of Sciences on 8th October 1955. Representatives from various Government departments and academic and research institutions interested in meteorology attended. Prof. K.R. Ramanathan, Chairman of the Atmospheric Research Committee presided.

A resolution was passed deciding to form the Society, and a Piloting Committee consisting of the following members was elected to take further steps to organise the Society; (1) P.R. Ahuja (C.W. and P.C.), (2) S.K. Banerji, (3) S. Basu (D.G.O., Chairman), (4) S. Mull (I.M.D.), (5) K.R. Ramanathan, (6) L.A. Ramdas (I.M.D.) and (7) M.S. Thackar (C.S.I.R.)

(Source: Quarterly Journal of Meteorology, Hydrology & Geophysics (MAUSAM), Vol.7, No.1, January 1956)

The 44th Session of the Indian Science Congress Association was held at Calcutta, during 14th - 20th January 1957. An event of particular interest to meteorologists during this session, was the inauguration of Indian Meteorological Society (IMS), held at the University College of Science, Calcutta, on 15th January 1957. Thirty-three members and a large number of invited scientists and guests attended. Prof. S.K. Banerji was in the Chair. Shri K.D. Malaviya, then Minister of Natural Resources, delivered the inaugural address stressing the need for making the public more and more weather conscious and also saying that the Meteorological Society should serve as a link between the official Meteorological Service and the public of the country. Prof. K.R. Ramanathan, President of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, Dr. L.V. Berkner, President of the International Association of Scientific Unions, Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad and Dr. N.K. Bose, River Control Expert and Advisor, Damodar Valley Corporation, all spoke welcoming the inauguration of the Society. Messages of good wishes were read out as received from (1) Prime Minister of India, (2) Minister of Communication, Govt. of India, (3) Sir C.W.B. Normand, former Director-General of Observatories, (4) The President, Royal Meteorological Society, London, (5) The President, American  Meteorological Society, Massachusetts, USA, (6) The President, Japanese Meteorological Society, Tokyo, and (7) Prof. P.A. Sheppard of the Imperial College of Science and Technology, London.
The following First Executive Council for the Society was declared elected as a result of the ballot conducted –

President Dr. Saradindu Basu
Vice-Presidents Prof. K.R. Ramanathan, Prof. S.K. Banerji and Shri P. Ahuja
Secretary Shri P.R. Krishna Rao
Treasurer and Assistant Secretary Shri V. Satakopan
Members of the Council Shri A.K. Roy, Prof. M.S. Thacker, Dr. P.R. Pisharoty, Dr. S. Mull, Dr. B.N. Desai, Dr. L.A. Ramdas, Prof. P.S. Gill, and Dr. L.S. Mathur

(Source: Quarterly Journal of Meteorology, Hydrology & Geophysics (MAUSAM), Vol.8, No.2, April 1957)




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